Hotels rely on Art to stand out

art in hotel

A hotel which uses artworks to stand out

More and more hotels are setting up artwork in their establishments. The decorative purposes are, of course, mainly prevalent; however, art does far more than sere to please the eye.

Often hotel managers do more than simply hang paintings in hotel rooms. They invite artists to be part of the life of their establishment, install art in unexpected ways, devise special installations, set up temporary exhibitions, manage art shows, and much more. Art is now fundamental rather than ornamental in a hotel design and raises the customer experience exponentially.

hotel rooms with art

Beautiful hotel room

hotel and art

A Hotel’s reception decorated with artworks

In an increasing number of hotels art is no longer an afterthought, but a central part of what they have to offer. Hotels now want to be seen as alternative exhibition space and strive to display their artwork using catalogs, social media, or their own webpage. Furthermore, there has been an increase in hotel employment of creative directors, curators, art managers, and decorative designers to help select the most suitable pieces for the hotel’s brand and architecture.

Art is good for hotels, it decorates, gives a spirit to the premises, brings good brand image however hotels are also good for artists because they give visibility to them and are a source of income.

“The art is a part of the identity of the hotel, and it integrates into the architecture, design, concept and what we ethereally call the vibe, the intellectual soul of the hotel.”

Art and hotel

The Negresco Hotel, Nice France

The process of finding, selecting, and buying art for an entire hotel is tedious and requires a lot of hard work. The Montpellier Chapter in England started by buying works of famous artists, such as John Hopper and Mario Rossi, and then shifted to buying core pieces produced by young talents. However, to achieve the complete collection which the hotel desired, managers spent over two years searching relentlessly.

Hotels are now truly recognized as an actor in the art market. Recently, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City has begun taking tour groups to the Gramercy Park Hotel to explore their rich art collection in a refreshing, new setting.

After building up a collection, the next step for a hotel must be to raise visibility. can bring attraction to hotel art collections. There, one can publish their best artwork, localize them and create a profile for their hotel. Most customers just enjoy seeing fine art when traveling, but for some, art is something they consider in searching for a place to stay. For hotels, art must be a real part of their communication and Marketing strategy. Visit and create your online art collection, whether for yourself, your hotel, your company or anything else.