Tips for Artists in the Digital era

artists in the digital era

Artist doing Digital Tegning

An artist faces many challenges when communicating and working. Getting visibility and sales can be difficult, especially if you are not yet renowned. Here are a few tips for all artists in the digital era:


For any job, having a good professional network is necessary and the art sector is no exception! Your network can bring you visibility, opportunities, word-of-mouth, sales and so on. With digital, it has become very easy to get in touch with other professionals you don’t know, whether on social media, event planning, websites, emails, etc. Communicate with other artists you share tastes with because they can teach you a great deal, and give you some feedback or tips.

Moreover, teaching others can be a good idea and can expand your circle. It allows you to be challenged, know more about other techniques and gives you ideas.


First of all, set yourself goals. Imagine a destination, whether it be short or long term. Picture where you want to be in the future in order to make the right career choices and have an overall business strategy.

The network is really important for an artist, the people you know can give you feedback and criticism, which is always good to hear if you want to improve yourself. You can also ask people online, on forums or social media.

Being unique is really important, you must do something that the other artists don’t do, something to distinguish yourself. It can be in your art, the way you deal with customers, or something else (be creative!). Offer something your clients won’t find anywhere else.


Your clients are the ones funding how you make a living. You must take care of them, be there for them, be available and be pleasant. Your clients have value and they will talk about you in the future, so create healthy and good relationships with them, answer to their needs, invest yourself in customer relationship management.

The digital era has brought many contact points to communicate with your customers. Don’t hesitate to get your customers’ emails in order to send them updates or encourage them to follow your social media accounts.

Never say no to a client! If you can’t satisfy their needs, contact your network to see who could do so. This is a good idea because it creates relationships with other professionals too.


Being an artist is like owning a business, you need to communicate about your products (here: your artwork). Marketing can be difficult to understand when you have never worked in that area.

First of all, create a website! If people search your name on Google, they should be able to find valuable information about you, and it’s better if the information is coming from you directly. There are many CMS (such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla) which can help you create a website easily and quickly.

Secondly, be active on social media! You don’t need to post every day or to be present on every platform. Just choose the one that fits your message the most. If you want to get in touch with professionals, go to LinkedIn, if you just want to share the pictures of the Artworks you make, you can use Instagram, if you want to share your music, go on Soundcloud and if you want to write long descriptions, don’t go on Twitter. Every network is different and has its benefits so choose carefully the one(s) you want to use to promote yourself.


Uart can be a good marketing tool for artists – it is a community platform to share art collections or artworks and localize them on the global map of art. Upload your artwork right now and get more visibility! You can send your profile’s link to potential buyers, friends, and galleries so that they can see your previous work.

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