Assembling an Art Collection: Why and How?


The Archduke Léopold-Guillaume in his gallery by David Teniers le Jeune

Whether you are a company or an individual, you can own an art collection (or several), and there are many reasons to do so. First, of course, art galleries serve decorative purposes, but mostly, it is one’s passion for art that brings true benefit to the individual. Additionally, If you are a professional, art can be a positive for your brand and company image. But, there’s a difference between collecting art and simply buying art to expose in your personal or professional space. Buying art is based on temporary preferences and attractions to the artworks. However, collecting art is more of a purposeful and directed long term commitment. Building a solid compilation requires patience, restraint, and a vision.

What is the first step to beginning an Art Collection?

The most important initial step when considering to buildup a gallery is to be true to yourself. Ask yourself, “What kind of art do I like?”, “What is it that speaks to me?”. Next, it is important to consider which kinds of art would fit seamlessly with the architecture, furniture, and decor of the space you wish to decorate, for art is quite an expansive domain. Consisting of sculptures, photographs, paintings, drawings, tapestries, and much, much more, one, indeed, has the possibility to build-up something that fits all their standards, while insuring that it matches the surroundings. Everyone has their individual preferences, whether it be a favorite medium, or favorite artist, but listening to your own taste is the only way to ensure a collection that represents your personality and values.

A few tips if you want to build a collection

#1 You need to think of your future collection as an ensemble and not just separate artworks assembled together. Your collection must have a spirit. Each art piece must fit with the other, coinciding into one grander piece of art. You can highlight history or evolution, or harmony. Your different artworks can also complete one another.

#2 If you want to buy artworks for your collection, there are many options available. You can buy from galleries, artists, individuals, auction houses… Study all your options and find the one that suits you best. However, if you don’t feel confident enough, you can simply hire an expert art buyer that will listen to your taste and desires and go seek the best artworks for your budget.


Painting by Frans II Francken

#3 The internet and especially social media are a good, and quick, way to find art all around the world. It takes less time to type “black and white photography” rather than making a tour of all Photography galleries in your town. There are also marketplaces, or e-commerce websites, that are specialized in art where you can find, using the right keywords, fine artworks and purchase them directly online. With the internet, it has become increasingly easy to find art, artists, or galleries within your own community, or around the world.

#4 You should learn from the pros. Get in touch with artists, art buyers, art collectors, exhibitionists and so on, to better inform yourself about the process of collecting. With them, you can get a better understanding of your various options, learn to separate good art from the not so good, Gain insight on how and where to buy… Many blogs or websites (for example here  and here ) can also be a fine source for valuable information.

#5 You should gather documentation about your collection. People visiting your home or your office (or any place with an art collection) are going to ask you details about the artworks. Where they come from ? who is the artist ?

Prepare yourself to answer any question about your collection by curiously seeking information about the art you buy. This will only serve to make you more passionate and credible as an art collector!

Why should a company own an art collection?

Owning an art collection is good for any company, and setting up artworks in offices has been proven to improve employees’ well-being. Art is decorative and serves to infuse life and culture in whatever setting it may be displayed. It can also be a good way to connect with your target audience, customers, and most of all, your community; because you can communicate around your art collections, even create events, bringing sponsorships and so on. Owning corporate art collections undoubtedly strengthens your company’s identity.

Uart for Art Collections is a community platform designed to share Art collections. Each collection has a dedicated page, where you can add artworks, share events, add your localization, and share your passion projects. Indeed, often times, collectors have built their collections in order to relay their passion to their network. With Uart, this network is virtually limitless, providing a reach to your collection that is unparalleled to any local showing. The platform is also a good way to give visibility to the artists you love and artworks you cherish. In conclusion, Uart’s purpose is to offer a medium to communicate with and expansive network about your values and passions.

Create your online Art collection right now, and share it with your friends with a simple link!