The Blake Hotel’s Art Collection

photograph of the Blake Hotel in Taos Ski Valley

Photograph of the Blake Hotel in Taos Ski Valley

A few words about the Blake Hotel

The Blake Hotel, located in Taos Ski Valley boasts a surface area of 145,000 square foot, has 80 rooms, a heated year-round outdoor pool, two hot tubs, a spa, a wellness center and a restaurant. The pool overlooks a new river walk. The construction of this hotel began in April 2015 and opened to the public in February 2016.

Being a ski station, it can be difficult to attract visitors out of season, so owning a hotel in such a place can be challenging. David Norden, CEO of Taos Ski Valley says: “It’s a mountaineering area. If you have thought of why people have been drawn to Taos, it’s the culture, it’s the history, it’s the mountaineering. And I think those are things we can build upon as we go forward.”

One of the rooms of the Blake Hotel in Taos Ski Valley

One of the rooms of the Blake Hotel

“The hotel’s unique architecture, design, featured artwork, service and cuisine all spring from the woven texture of the resident European, Hispanic and Native North American cultures that meet in Taos. The result is a sense of place that cannot be imitated, with traditional alpine architecture lending a rustic European elegance that is folded into a colorful New Mexican design aesthetic.”

Blake Hotel’s Art Collection

Every hotel needs to distinguish themselves in order to attract new customers, or entice the previous ones to return. The Blake Hotel in Taos Ski Valley has clearly recognized this, and so, as you enter the doors, you are welcomed by a friendly staff. Moreover, you will discover all around the hotel the Blake Art Collection. In the lobby, you will find masterwork paintings of the Taos Society of Artists. At the reception desk, you can admire a stunning Oscar Berninghaus painting, “A Corner in Taos Plaza”.

There is a cosy fireplace, where you can warm yourself after a long day of skiing and admire “Across Taos Valley” by E. Martin Hennings and Walter Ufer painting, “The Shepherd,”. Moreover, throughout the entire hotel, you can find beautiful photographs of the Blake Family. The historical context and family history of Taos Ski Valley is an important feature of the hotel’s décor and overall feel.

There are three primary public spaces where you can admire great artworks: the front lobby, the spa and the restaurant. There are many different types of artworks throughout the hotel: photographs, paintings, jewels, reverse-on-glass paintings, potteries, precious vessels, sculptures etc.

A room within the Blake Hotel in Taos Ski Valley

A room within the Blake Hotel in Taos Ski Valley

Stand out from the competition

These unique touches have a special impact, making the public and private spaces alike feel very personal and warm. The Blake Hotel distinguishes itself from its competitors with a great Art Collection, exhibited all over the different spaces of the hotel. From the public spaces to the rooms and elevator doors, everywhere you go, you will find great artworks chosen to fit the historical and cultural context of the place. For example, the themes of Native American and Hispanic Art are well represented in order to fit the location’s history. The Art pieces are also selected to get along with the unique architecture, where wood is omnipresent.

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