Corporate Art Collections As a Reflection of Your Business Identity

goldman sachs corporate art collection

The Goldman Sachs’ Corporate Art Collection

In many industries, it is becoming more and more common for companies to build a Corporate Art Collection; a practice that started to come into light during the 19th century. More than just being decorative, Art in the workplace actually has a purpose and is said to carry a lot of benefits. It can actually contribute to employees’ well-being and productivity, as well as enhancing brand image and identity. It is a good way for companies to be more culturally involved whilst establishing a more pleasant work environment.

Most companies boast only a small collection, however, some own even more artworks than leading museums. For example, Deutsche Bank has one of the largest Art Collections in the world with more than 60,000 artworks.

corporate art collections waiting room

Why to build a Corporate Art Collection ?

There are three main motives for owning an Art Collection:

  • desire to create a positive image (enhancing the company’s PR);
  • financial reasons (e.g. art seen as an investment);
  • high appreciation of art by the CEO, Directors Board or senior management of the company.

When a firm invests in Art, the company risks deduction of donations and reduction of capital. However, Art tends to increase in value over time. Collecting and showcasing art as a company can really benefit your business externally by increasing corporate image and identity and supporting the company brand. Art Collections have the ability to represent the company’s philanthropy and social responsibility, as purchasing Art can be a great way to support the cultural community.

corporate art collections meeting room

A Meeting room decorated with Art

To purchase and to display Art has the potential to boost your sales as it tends to impress customers and compliment your brand with trustworthy philanthropic image. Of course, we cannot neglect the fact that Art is simply pleasing to the eye which makes the work environment more enjoyable, welcoming and agreeable to both employees and clients.

Owning a Corporate Art Collection: How Does it Change the Company’s Image?

Every business finds itself in a competitive market, and it is important to distinguish yourself and stand out from the crowd. It is essential to establish a prominent brand image and enrich one’s products or services. An Art Collection could be a feature that a company will include in it’s communications activities since Art can lead to positive associations with the brand consequently strengthening its positioning.

Your Art Collection also says something about your company; your culture and your purposes. For example, Deutsche Bank wants to promote itself as innovative and international. How does it go in line with their art purchasing strategy? Most of their investments in art are made into works created by very innovative artists coming from all around the world.

Owning an Art Collection provides credibility and a philanthropic image. It also proves that you stand for an active part of the cultural community. When you invite clients, contractors, suppliers, stakeholders, they will feel relaxed in your aesthetically pleasing office and forward-thinking, professional environment.

Many companies have understood the benefits of owning an Art Collection. Here are some examples:

Promoting a Corporate Art Collection

Owning an art collection provides obvious benefits but it is also required to promote it sufficiently. Large companies often organize public and private events, using them as strong relational marketing tools to establish close relationships with stakeholders.

As a company, you are welcome to showcase your Corporate Art Collection on Uart; the platform to share your Collection with your a wide network and the global art community.

With a simple link, you can send your collection of artworks to everyone you wish. Thanks to the Global Map of Art, they will also be able to find easily the actual, geographical, location of the artworks.

Many corporate art collections have already been shared with the Uart community. You can visit Capital Counseling’s profileBanca d’Italia’s profile, or Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago’s profile to check out their impressive Art Collections, get inspired to create yours!