Cultural Entrepreneurship: Data in Ticket Offices


Photograph of the Beaux-Arts School in Paris, during the Entrepreneurship in Culture event

Data is the 21st Century’s gold. Analyzing and using your Data properly will allow you to better understand your prospects, clients, fans and targets. Knowing who you are talking to will hence improve your reach and effectiveness when you target your key players.

Uart attended the Parisian event “Entreprendre dans la culture” which translation is “Cultural Entrepreneurship” on May 23, 2017.

The conference discussed Data in ticket offices and here is a summary of it:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM is a term that refers to strategies, technologies, and practices that you can use to manage and analyze Data about your customers to improve the relationships between the company and the customer.

The entertainment and cultural business generate lots of data and online ticket offices are developing even more as years go by. With that, there are more and more contact points thanks to digital communications.

Data is a real opportunity for organizations but unfortunately, its impact can be hindered due to the lack of time and know-how. But making the most of Data is valuable- indeed knowing who buys your tickets, whether it is age, sex, location, frequency of purchase or consumer behavior, is certainly valuable because it allows you to target an audience likely to become a client. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enables you to have a 360° vision of your audience. This is important because you can’t communicate the same message to every prospect or client. They all greatly differ in their tastes and behaviors. For example, a tool is Arenamtric, which is a CRM tool that analyzes and centralizes all your Data. With it, you can also automate a lot of different scenarios.

Data and Social Medias

Before collecting Data you must ask yourself: What am I collecting? Why do I want to collect it? Set up clear goals and objectives before you start. With professional Social Media pages, you can find a lot of interesting Data on the platforms themselves, such as Facebook Analytics.  Nevertheless, there are also a lot of external online services (some are free, some charge users) that you can use to get more accurate information. Knowing who your fans are, but also what their interests, profile, age, sex, location, behavior are can enable you to send the right message to the right audience. Then with Social Ads, you can target precisely the types of individuals that belong to your core target group to expand your fan base.

Social Medias are a true opportunity to know and understand your fans, to get precise, relevant and accurate Data about them.

Data in ticket offices - sculpture of Entrepreneurship in Culture

This photograph was taken at the Beaux-Arts school in Paris, during the Entrepreneuship in Culture event

Gather and activate Data

For a cultural event, tickets can be sold by an internal ticket office, and by an external one at the same time. You must gather all the information, including that coming from Social Media. It is not easy to process Data on different supports, so choose a Data Management Platform that will gather all the necessary Data for you.


According to the speakers, the future of Data in ticket offices is automation. That is, creating different scenarios and different patterns that automate automatically will be the next step to take.

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