How to communicate on your Art collection

5 steps to leverage your Art

An Art Collection is a fantastic tool to leverage your brand, demonstrate your key values and, overall, add value. However many advantages are not realized if the Art Collection is hidden; unseen and unheard of. It is important to have a communication strategy so that your collection can be shared and appreciated. Here are some top tips to communicate on an Art Collection:

  • 1

    Collect information about your Art Collection

    Most private collectors have some interesting information concerning each artwork or stories about the artists.

    Don’t forget about these precious details that surround your Art.

  • 2

    Create a catalog

    To preserve all the precious information, curators, experts or someone who is responsible for your Art Collection can help you to write a comprehensive catalogue.

    You can publish the catalogue as a PDF file or even get a printed version for your records.

  • 3

    Take HD pictures of each artwork

    You may already have HD photos of your artworks. Especially if you choose to share your collection online, it is best to have the highest definition possible.

    Maybe, at a later stage, you could also integrate your collection in a virtual room and organise an online exhibition.

  • 4

    Publish your favorite artworks

    Don’t miss this important step. Publishing your collection online makes it more available to all and increases your and the Artist’s visibility.

  • 5

    Diffuse your Art

    Art does not encourage indifference. Your Art Collection is a fantastic tool to diffuse your brand and your corporate value online.

    Integrate your digital Art portfolio into your communication channels as a part of your marketing activities.

We hope that these tips can help you enhance the visibility of your Art Collection and realize the benefits of your hard work.

Uart has developped a platform to help private and corporate collectors communicate their collection. Do not hesitate to contact Uart’s team to have your digital art portfolio on the platform.