Instagram: the new lever of the art market.

Instagram, the new lever of the art market

Despite the fact that art collectors refuse to spend millions of dollars online, Instagram has become a game changer. Breaking the common rule, it has become a force in influencing younger buyers. Auction houses such as Christies, Philipp and Sotheby’s are using Instagram as a marketing tool.

Sothebys’ Instagram page

According to the New York Times (more than 650 art buyers were questioned for the report 2016) 48% said that Instagram was their preferred platform to buy fine arts pieces.

In spite of its phenomenal success, it is hard to tell the Instagram’s direct effect on sales. In other terms, it is difficult to measure the impact of the huge number of following on sales for all major world’s galleries. Auction houses are keeping the conversion thanks to the content they share on Instagram which in result is provoking sales acts.

Christies’ Instagram page

What is more, many art events were announced thanks to Instagram: the eight-part- series of Rudolf held last year at the dealership’s Park Avenue gallery in New York, or Joe Kennedy and Johnny Brut’s contemporary exhibition in collaboration with Avant Arte held at Unit London. All reservations were booked via Instagram before the exhibition started.

To conclude, not only has Instagram shown a true virtue in terms of sales with fine art pieces but also with affordable collectibles.  Now, when people are “glued” to their smartphones, “Instagram creates a safe place to enjoy art.” (Joe Kennedy and Johnny Brut)

However, even if the possibilities on Instagram are numerous, the application does not provide access to content or more information about the master pieces.