Hiscox blogs has published an article on Uart

This article sums up the interview of Uart‘s CEO and co-founder, currently available on Hiscox’s blog.

In an interview of Hiscox Insurances with Anne-Constance Launay, the CEO discussed with them the growth of Uart in the past year, the evident need for geo-tracking, and her view on the last figures released in the latest Hiscox Report about the Online Art Market.

Uart is a platform with the mission of bringing both visibility to Art collections worldwide and providing a place for individuals to exchange their passions. Amateurs, artists, companies and collectors (among others) all come together on Uart to express their views on a common interest.

Uart enables its users to share their passions, bring visibility to their favorite artists and provides a place for them to share art they own or even have created themselves. For this reason, Uart has become a widely diverse platform on the net.

Geo-tracking of art is a natural extension of the Uart platform. The feature has been a greatly popular inclusion in many platforms worldwide, making it a simply natural establishment of the site.



The Uart Paris Map


The Uart Map

However, launching an innovative product is always a challenge. For Uart, its challenges are mainly technologic but also cultural: Yet, the digital world will ultimately always be worrying or mysterious. As for now, the CTO, Arnaud De Bergh, is working on optimizing the platform’s SEO and further improving its development.

« Geo-tracking gives a chance for all actors to be visible on the global map of art. »

Traditional social medias are to be challenged by Uart. Most social media platforms are not designed for sharing art, and this has motivated Uart to dedicate its efforts into art, where users can publish real or virtual collections. For artists, it is essential to be part of Social Media, given the power for them to increase their reach to the business world and communicate both their art and news easily. Uart can help them to just that.

Uart aims to expose collections, artists and all art lovers to the most achieving global platform, for them to discover and share their passions with a community of related individuals.

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