‘The Art’, a hotel which is the perfect mix between a Museum and a Hotel

The Art hotel in Denver

Courtesy of the Art Hotel

Since 2015, you can see in Denver’s landscape the Art Hotel, which has a particular concept; it is the perfect combination between a museum and a hotel.

The art curator, Dianne Vanderlip, who previously worked for the Denver Art Museum, says many art pieces have a function –  they were predicated by a desire to say something about the greatness of Colorado and of the greatness of the hotel.

The hotel wants to be an active part of Denver’s cultural life, so they often organize various events throughout the year: photography contests, art runs, art bike rental, art tours and so on.

The Art Hotel has a perfect location as it is based in the Denver’s Golden Triangle in the close proximity of the Denver Art Museum and Clyfford Still Museum. Its each suite is to feature a “vibrant wall covering”.

the art, a hotel, in Denver

The Art, a hotel, in Denver

the art hotel in denver

The Art, a Hotel

Dianne has worked hard over these past few years acquiring and commissioning contemporary works. She purchased works from more than 40 artists. The hotel has made so many purchases, they had to put some of them in storage, unseen by the public.

Some of the artworks were commissioned especially for the Art Hotel, some were acquired from artists as far-flung as Dusseldorf, London, NYC, Los Angeles, Vietnam, others from local artists in Denver.

This hotel also considers itself as LGBTQ-friendly, as Denver has become the LGBTQ center of the West.

“Our Denver, CO hotel seeks to add another layer to this rich environment by presenting a curated collection of original works of art that celebrate the creative spirit of 20th and 21st century artists from around the world.”

Travellers from all around the world come to Denver and choose the Art Hotel for its cultural aspect. It offers a unique experience. The art is present everywhere, from public spaces to private and meeting rooms. They match the architecture and uses of the many spaces.

Hotels bank on art to distinguish themselves from the competition and attract customers. The Art Hotel has made a lot of effort to put its art collection in the spotlight of Denver’s cultural life.

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