The Thief Hotel’s Art Collection: Portrait of the Art Curator, Sune Nordgren

Courtesy of The Thief Hotel

The Thief Hotel is a famous hotel, SPA, restaurant, bar, music events planner, Art events planner and it also owns meeting rooms and an Art Space. This hotel is in Norway, in the city of Oslo.

The Thief Hotel is really committed to Art, organizing many events, whether it is musical or artistic. It chose to own an Art Collection in order to distinguish itself from its competitors. Whether through paintings, sculptures, graffitis, installations, photographs and performance art, the hotel tries to make people discover today’s emerging contemporary artists.

Chuck Close, Kate (2007).
Photo: Courtesy of The Surrey.

Portrait of the Thief’s Art Curator, Sune Nordgren.

Sune thinks Art in museums and galleries is not perceived the same way than when it is exhibited in hotels because the guests are not coming just for Art so they have fewer expectations, they experience the Art experience on other terms.

Nordgren has a long experience in Art Curation, he has worked for the National Museum and many other galleries and museums. Now he’s working for the Art Collection of the Norway hotel, called “Thief Art” which is made of all kinds of contemporary artworks, each room of the hotel (120) is decorated with an Art piece, there is also a special unique Art space, where there is sometimes exhibitions.

He picked artworks from both established international artists and Norwegian ones. Nordgren is working in collaboration with the architect, and the interior designer. He also made The Thief Hotel enter a unique sponsorship agreement with a museum, the Astrup Fearnley Museum so that it can borrow nice artworks to exhibit. A partnership as this one is quite unusual, but both the hotel and the museum can benefit from it.

Lobby of the Thief art hotel, Oslo.
Photo: Courtesy of The Thief Hotel

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