Uart – making the world an art exhibition…

Uart makes you discover great artworks all around the world

It has been several years now since Social Media started to be increasingly changing our lives. They are in fact becoming more integrated in our daily lives and turning into crucial elements for the functioning of the society in general. Not only have they become the number one source of entertainment, but also a major leverage for businesses all over the world.

One of the interesting aspects of social platforms is their ability to gather people from the four corners of the world, allowing them to share their opinions, their hobbies, their interests, their vision of life and their vision of others.

Our article’s main subject is a new social platform aiming to gather people around a very noble and dreamy subject: Art. It all started two years ago, when the founders of Uart decided to transform their enthusiasm and love for art into a concrete reality. They had a very particular vision: to digitally connect art lovers all over the world, making Uart the first digital platform fully dedicated to art.

Building this virtual bridge between artists and amateurs allows these people to shed light on their magnificent creations and appreciate other artists’ work, increasing awareness on existing and emerging talents. Uart also allows the 70 million collectors of the globe to track the best art pieces, exhibitions and galleries.

In brief, Uart is a social network where every art lover shares his master pieces and locates them so people can find them on the Global Map of Art.

What is Uart all about?

Uart is the first social medium dedicated to art. Thanks to this new concept, every user can discover new exhibitions, art work and art galleries all over the world. Artists, art lovers and collectors can interact together and stay in touch while shedding light on their master pieces.

In addition, Uart is a tool to improve art firms’ brand image. It is a companion for life in businesses.

Here are a few steps to keep in mind in order to get the most from your experience on Uart.

To begin with, let your creativity lead you, express yourself, give us a hint of your thoughts, your convictions and philosophies, share the most precious art work to your eyes and most importantly give everyone else a sneak peek of your dearest findings.

You can start by uploading your creation. Once your art pieces are on your profile, announce your “varnishing” by locating your exhibition or art gallery (if you have one) so people can find you on the Global Map of Art.

In addition to that, nourish your curiosity and search for new exhibitions and art galleries around the world thanks to the map and the tags you’re interested in. Look forward to interact with other users, make new contacts and why not new friends who share the same passion you cherish the most.

Last but not least, every discovery is worth a trip. Find your treasures and plan your trips thanks to Uart. Immerse yourself into new cultures, discover new habits, lifestyles and convictions, all that thanks to Art.

Finally and most importantly, by dint of Uart, develop your businesses and your professional network. Do not hesitate to communicate with other users, be ambitious and seek for a better growth of your network.

How Does Uart Work?

Uart is a very easy platform to use. Once signed in, every user will be welcomed by the home page. This is where the Global Map of Art can be found (on the right of the screen).

The Uart map

On the top of the page, registered profiles can search for galleries and tags by defining the region, the medium and the activity that interest them the most.

On the right of the toolbar, it is possible to go to personal profiles where multiple tasks will be approached. Once clicked, four sections will appear on the left of the screen, under the user’s profile picture. In the followings paragraphs, an explanation is due to every single section.

Some of Uart’s artworks

“My Artworks” section is the place where all of the users’ artworks will be published. Three steps will take place before the master pieces get online:

1/ the user has to choose his artwork and add supporting information (the artwork’s name, the artist’s name and the tag he wishes to add to his craft) as well as locate it on the Global Map of Art;

2/ every Uart user can share their findings and favorite artworks in the ‘Timeline’ section; the ‘Network’ tab is a place where all saved contacts can be found;

3/ the last section – ‘About’ – is where you can describe yourself, present your likes and dislikes, talk about your passion and career… This is where you can also include contact information of your organisation, gallery or an art hotel; ‘About’ is the place to showcase your personal brand 🙂

Thanks to Uart, getting noticed in the Art World has become much easier. What’s more, Uart facilitates interactions between professionals and art enthusiasts and allows for expanding the network in the artistic circles.

To conclude, every artwork is unique, and every artist, collector and art lover has his own vision regarding showcasing and collecting Art. This what Uart cherishes the most. Uart is artistically yours!

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