Why should you give visibility to your art collection?

Part of an Art Collection in a bedroom

The Art Market concerns mostly private stakeholders which wish to enrich a collection or concede a part. Among private actors, companies play an important part in the ecosystem. Through deeds like sponsorship, they allow young talents to rise and get an international audience.

Corporate collections are communication and visibility tools for companies, either they are for internal or external purposes. In general, establishing a collection is a personal story whose the collector is proud of. So why not share your passion for art?

Digital revolution has brought new mediums to share interests among communities. Many Facebook groups dedicated to art are very active. They allow their members to share their discoveries and new purchases.

Instagram allows gallerists to share glimpses of their stands in fairs. Art stakeholders use Social Medias for many uses. Nowadays, you can buy online, authenticate an artwork, outbid, share information about favorite artists, react on the market’s news, publish pictures taken during trades, participate in events or private viewings, …

Nobody could have predicted such an evolution – or revolution – in a very conservative sector which is made of very specific rules. Until very recently, confidentiality was important in the Art Market. Digital Transformation, emerging countries coming into the Art Market, and new collectors have brought new behaviors.

For a few months, we have been able to notice a radical evolution of collectors’ mentalities, they share their artworks and personal information. We can say Digital has freed art from its frame. Even if some collectors don’t want to get visibility, most of them are looking for digital tools for their art collections.

Collectors are looking for new tools to bring visibility to their collection

More visibility for your art collection

In 2016, we saw that the number of art collectors has been exploding over the past years. In 1950, there were 500 000 collectors, today we estimate this number at more than 100 million. Since the 80’s there are more and more companies that collect artworks. AXA’s report on corporate collections which was published in 2016 tells that 60% of SMBs own Art. For these companies, it’s all about finding the right mediums to communicate about their Art and their philanthropic and sponsorship deeds. Art remains a language, a way to express yourself and a tongue which is spoken by all. Art Collections, often constituted by leaders, are powerful communication tools.

Uart has chosen to offer collectors either amateurs or professionals a visibility tool for collections. You can create a specific page where your brand and your collections are highlighted. You can distinguish yourself from friends, colleagues, competitors by taste, originality, and be a part of the artistic ecosystem.

Being present in the artistic ecosystem

No one lacks legitimacy, if you are an Art amateur or a collector, if you have a few artworks in your company or at home, you can appear on the global map of Art and establish your brand in the artistic life of your city. It is an idea to distinguish yourself from others and highlight artists you want to support. You can also share what you like with our community.

Giving visibility to artworks depends also on the collector. It is wise to add a link to your collection to personalize your business card for example.